Black Friday is upon us…support small businesses!

Black Friday is upon us…support small businesses!

Well it’s Friday again….and a special Friday at that…….every business has a sale.  Is that a bad thing?  I don’t consider it a bad thing since a) Christmas is right around the corner and b) you would be supporting small businesses.

I thought I would join in all the debauchery and post a sale on facebook and through my newsletter.  I have 8 x 10 prints on sale – signed and includes shipping for $25!  They are regularly $55 each.  Check out the selection of prints below.  If you would like to order a print, please email me @ or drop me a message on facebook.

Happy Friday and I am looking forward to things slowing down a bit – thank you to my wonderful clients and friends who have supported me this past year and believed in me!




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