Finding Time

That seems to be my biggest complaint….time.  Between raising a family, working, having a studio and having wonderful clients, there doesn’t seem to be alot of “me” time to do the things I want to do.  However, a kind friend pointed out that I am doing the “me” things I wanted to do…run a photography business is one of those “me” things.

As I look at my to-do list…I don’t see anything about me…..I see tasks in order to keep this business busy.  So, I am putting my foot down – this weekend I am taking four hours out of my day to shoot for me.  No one else, but me.  I along with my wonderful photog friend George, are going out on a little sunrise jaunt.  Tomorrow is supposed to be my sleep in day, but I figure I might as well get it going early!

I have been busy with a few things these past few months, a wonderful shoot for Corrbeauty – nine wonderful models, full day of shooting, was loads of fun!  Also, I am getting ramped up for the Orangeville MS Society’s Walk – I am the official photographer and will be walking and shooting away. 

Come on out and support this great cause – this disease needs to get its ass kicked!

I have been lax in sending out a newsletter, I know I know…so I am trying to do my updates here right now…..ha!

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Larry Kurtz (Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival) as well as my bestest photog friend Jim Waddington…….can’t wait to see how those pics turned out.

And alas, the tattoo pictures…I have been working on getting them posted, so please stay tuned……..

Spring is upon us which means a time for change and new beginnings!


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  1. Julie, Julie…..Can’t wait to see all the pics…I remember a man a long time ago who felt at one time or another the way you do. Teaching, family, photography…students etc etc..He too realized what he did was not only for his family but it was truly for HIM. I am sure you know who I am talking about. You are his legacy and you do him proud everytime you click that camera. Please know what you do for us and your family you truly are doing something for yourself. You wouldn’t do it if it did not bring satisfaction. Enjoy your every moment as we enjoy what you give us. As I said before I can not wait to see all of you tattoo pics come together. When you decide to do step out and try pics like our friend Mr. Herlihy let me know…..maybe I’ll be your guinea pig. Take care and can’t wait to see mine.

  2. Kim, this is a wonderful post and thank you so much!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

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