Great Deal on Photobooks!

I came across this great website where you can get free photo books!  All you have to do is pay for the $2.99 shipping.  Although if you do use the free option, you will get advertising in your book, so for an additional $3.99, you get no ads!  You can also upload from your facebook photos and share with your facebook friends – and even send them a book as well.

What a great idea for weddings!  I was thinking was a neat gift to give family and those in the wedding party, or those that could not make it due to distance and of course for the bride and groom!  I think this is also a great feature to add to any package that I have available as a bonus to my clients.

I will keep you posted on the quality once I get my book.


If you are looking for a great site for tips and just overall neat items – Photojojo has it all.  I love this site, they have quirky items that you can purchase or even make.  I have bought a few things from this site and love their service…they send you a little “rawr” in your package (a little toy dinosaur), its even on the invoice ha!


Well that is all for now….and if you have any things you want to share, please feel free to do so!


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