Juggling the Juggler

Well here I am again, can you handle all these updates?  These past two weeks have been really great for me – amazing support from my community and friends.  This week I was not only featured in Lenore’s Notes on Rogers TV (7:00 pm, Channel 63), my article came out on the blog “Kids in the Hills”.  http://www.kidsinthehills.ca/blogs/in-the-hills/julie-thurgood-snap-snap/

Don’t ask me why, but it still surprises me how much a community comes together to show their support for one of their own.  I have had the extreme pleasure of working with some other amazing women who like me, have multiple hats.  I couldn’t tell you what it would be like to stop – this is my life and it always has been.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me and believed in my dreams.

Now on another point I would like to talk about: wedding photography.  One of the most important parts of your day is capturing it, so I wonder why people don’t hire photographers or don’t want to spend the money.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a budget, but remember, you get what you pay for!  A friend with a good camera, is just that – you may get some good photos, but is it worth risking if the pictures aren’t what you expected?  Here’s a story for you:  Back, oh say 42 years ago, a couple had a simple wedding.  They didn’t hire a photographer – a friend offered.  Here is what they got:

And this is one of the good ones.  EDITED!!!  All in all I think my parents got maybe four photos and they are all poor quality.  I can’t even get them fixed.  So my one word of advice, hire a photographer and keep in mind “you get what you pay for”.




So Father’s Day is right around the corner…enjoy that moment with your Dad and show him how much you love him!

And with that note, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Orangeville Farmer’s market, the sunshine and family!



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