Me Getting Shot, TV, Tattoos and Prints

Well don’t get too excited, I am still here…but I did have the extreme pleasure of having my mug shot by the wonderful and talented Jon Blacker.  You can see his work at http://altpick.com/jonblacker or http://jonblacker.com

Jon is actually my cousin and we just recently got acquainted – we have never met prior to finding each other on facebook through Jon’s Dad.  I have to say I am in awe of the work that Jon does.  He has established himself as a photographer and as you can see through his work, meets some pretty amazing (and famous) people.

We do talk alot of shop but we find ourselves laughing over the same level of sarcasm, and sense of humour.  We even say “Really?” – my favorite catch phrase although mine is weak compared to his…..but I am “way more funner” then he is, but he is “much more better” at photography than I… 🙂

So, let me get you up to speed on the past little while.  I was at Riedel Needle last Saturday for the Blues and Jazz Festival – sold some prints, made some contacts and shot some awesome bands.  I actually went back last night to shoot the wonderful and fun staff (and my twin Rui), and can’t wait till Jay designs my new tattoo….check them out @ http://www.riedelneedle.ca/

Also, I was at the Lullaby Diva’s weight loss event.  Took all the before pictures and look forward to seeing the fantastic results at the end of this challenge.  I have donated my time to have a wonderful session with the winner, along with Stephanie of Stephanie’s Mobile Hair Services.

I have added my prints for sale directly on the site, which makes it easier than ever before to make a purchase.  Check out the gallery and possibly find something you would like.

Oh and don’t forget to watch all next week at 7:00 pm on Channel 63 – I will be on Lenore’s Notes.

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