The Launch of the New Website!

Welcome to the new website!  For those of you that have been here before, you will see many great improvements on my site.  A new gallery, this blog and a store to order prints from.  In the coming month I will get the store set up and you will be able to purchase prints and pay for sittings through Paypal.

A special thank you to my friend Scott Morrison at The Bauhub.  Without his support and direction this site would have never become what it is.  He directed me to wordpress and with the themes I found it has come together.  I am now a wordpress pro (Scott I promise to give you a discount for wordpress consults…ha!)

I will keep you posted on any new updates and have meander through the site.  I would appreciate any and all feedback.  Don’t forget to add me to facebook or twitter!


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  1. Hey Jules,
    Love the site!! Will have to get you to do a portrait of Alec and Owen and I soon. Hope you are well.
    love sam 😉

  2. Thanks Sam! I would love to take a picture of your guys!

  3. Hey Julez,
    I love the site! You are a fantastic photographer, it’s nice to see our family shots here as well as on our living room wall.
    Anyone who has a session with you is SURE to love the shots you provide.
    Love ya

  4. Thanks Jules – as always you and your family are a treat to shoot! How could I not have those pics on here! xo

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